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1948 Leaf - 28 signed. HOFers include: Sid Luckman(d.98), Clyde Turner (d.98), Doak Walker (d), Bobby Layne (d.86), Bob Waterfield (d.83), Charley Trippi, Sammy Baugh, Bill Dudley, George Connor. Toughies include: Steve Suhey (d.87), Levi Jackson (d.00)-first black player at Yale & Ford Motor Co. 1st. black executive, Paul Governali (d.78), Frank Dancewitz (d.85), Jim White (d.85), Charley Connerly (d.96). Other notables: Elmer Angsman. 1948 Bowman - 20 signed. HOFers include: Charley Trippi, Sammy Baugh, Alex Wojciechowicz (d.92), George McAfee, Sid Luckman (d.98). Toughies include: Boley Dancewicz (d.85), Bosh Pritchard (d), John Mastrangelo (d.87), Paul Governali (d), Tommy Thompson (d.89), Hugh Taylor (d.92), Bill DeCorrevont (d.95). 1950 Bowman - 58 Signed. HOFers include: Doak Walker (d), Lou Groza (d), Tony Canadeo, Bob Waterfield (d.83), Sid Luckman (d. 98), Bill Dudley, Joe Perry, Marion Motley (d.99), Otto Graham, Tom Fears (00), Crazylegs Hirsh, Dante Lavelli, George Connor, Leo Nomellini (d.00), Charley Trippi, Chuck Bednarik. Toughies include: Norm Standlee (d.81), Bill Swiacki (d.76), Jim White(d.87), Clayton Tonnemaker (d), Chet Mutryn (d.95), Cloyce Box (d.93), Charley Conerly (d.96), Tommy Thompson (d.89), Tobin Rote (d.01), Andy Salata (d), Bob Hoernschemeyer (d.80), Hugh Taylor (d.92), Bosh Pritchard (d), Joe Golding (d.91), Bob Nowasky (d.71), Mac Speedie (d.91). 1951 Bowman - 61 signed. HOFers include: Otto Graham, Norm Van Brocklin (d), Tom Fears (d), Chuck Bednarik, Doak Walker (d), Bob Waterfield (d), Lou Creekmur, Dante Lavelli, Lou Groza (d), Elroy Hirsh, Tony Canadeo, Emlen Tunnell (d), Ernie Stautner, Bobby Layne (d), Marion Motley (d), Charley Trippi, Bill Dudley. Toughies include: Al DeRogatis (d.95), Charley Conerly (d.96), Jon Baker (d. 92), Bob Hoernschemeyer (d.80), Bosh Pritchard (d), Tobin Rote (d), Hugh Taylor (d.92), John Wozniak (d.92), Frank Reagan (d.72), George Gulyanics (d.90), Abner Wimberly (d.76), Bill Swiacki (d. 76), Fran Polsfoot (d.85), Norm Standlee (d). 1952 Bowman Large - 16 signed. HOFers include: Paul Brown (d.91), Art Donovan, Pete Pihos, Lou Groza (d. 00), Jack Christiansen (d.86). Toughies include: Buck Shaw (d.77), Buddy Young (d.83), Gene Ronzani (d.75), Bob Walston (d.87). 1952 Bowman - 50 signed. HOFers include: Norm VanBrocklin (d), Otto Graham, Doak Walker(d), Chuck Bednarik, Charley Trippi, Tom Fears (d), Paul Brown (d), George Connor, Hugh McElhenny, Elroy Hirsh, Emlen Tunnell (d.75), Art Donovan, George Halas (d.82), Wayne Milner (d.76), Bobby Layne (d), Lou Groza (d), Dante Lavelli, Tom Landry (d). Toughies include: Laurie Neimi (d.68), Norm Standlee (d), Joe Black (d.66), Tobin Rote (d), Charley Conerly (d.96), Herman Clark (d), Bob Hoernschemeyer (d.80), Buddy Young (d). 1953 Bowman - 11 signed. HOFers include: Dante Lavelli, Otto Graham, George Connor. Toughies include: John Rapacz (d.91), Ray Renfro (d.97). 1954 Bowman - 27 signed. HOFers Include: Doug Atkins, Doak Walker (d.99), Lou Groza (d.00), Emlen Tunnel (d.75), dante Lavelli, George Connor. Toughies include: Buddy Young (d.83), Ray Renfro (d.97), Warren Lahr (d.69), Don Henrich (d.92), Charley Conerly (d.96), Kline Gilbert (d.87), Art Spinney (d.94). 1955 Bowman - 47 signed. HOFers include: Mike McCormack, Frank Gifford, Pete Pihos, Len Ford (d.72)-tough, Jack Christiansen (d.86), George Blanda, Jim Ringo, Frank Gatski, Chuck Bednarik. Toughies include: Alan Ameche (d.88), Charley Conerly (d.96), Kline Gilbert (d.87), Ray Krouse (d.66), John Hoffman (d.87), Buddy Young (d.83), Harry Jagade (d.68), Carlton Massey (d.89), Eddie Price (d.79), Ray Renfro (d.97), Maurice Bassett (d.91). 1955 Topps All American - 37 signed/22 deceased. HOFers include: Alex Wojciechowicz (d.92), Sid Luckman (d.98), Red Grange (d.91), Leo Nomellini (d.00), Ken Strong (d.79), Sammy Baugh, Otto Graham, Bill Dudley. Toughies include: Beattie Feathers (d.79), Biggie Munn (d.75), Bennis Oosterbaan (d.90), Angelo Bertelli (d.99), Paul Governali (d.78), Chub Peabody (d.97), Benny Friedman (d.82), Vic Hanson (d.82), Ed Garbish (d.79), Joe Alexander (d.75), Eddie Tryon (d.82), Tom Harmon (d.90), Wes Fesler (d.89), Larry Kelley (d), Casimir Myslinski (d), Aaron Rosenberg (d.79), Ernie Pinckert (d.79). Other: Jay Berwanger (1st. Heisman winner), Doc Blanchard. 1956 Topps - 12 signed. HOFers include: Stan Jones, Lenny Moore, Bill George (d.82), Chuck Bednarik, Jack Christiansen (d.86). Toughies include: Charley Connerly (d96). 1957 Topps - 31 signed. HOFers include: Len Ford (d.72), Johnny Initas (rookie signed), Raymond Berry, Frank Gifford, George Blanda, Lou Groza (d01), Gino Marchetti, Mike McCormack, Emlen Tunnell (d.75), Yale Lary. Toughies include: Tobin Rote (d), Ray Renfro (d), Don Heinrich (d), Art Spinney (d.94), Alan Ameche. Loaded with HOFers, deceased, extremely rare early deceased. Overall condition is VG-EX.
Lot of 396 Autographed  Early Football Collection (w/ few duplicates) from 1948-1957
Lot of 396 Autographed Early Football Collection (w/ few duplicates) from 1948-1957
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