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This large non-sport collection of almost 600 cards includes a small selection of 19th Century actress photo cards, some small Dixie Lids from the 1940s, an early 1950s cereal issue, baseball themed postcards from the 1910s, some 1920s exhibit cards, even some Topps and Fleer cards from the 1960s. But the biggest category of content for the collection is 20th century tobacco cards. Most of these tobacco issues fall into the GD/VG grading category, largely due to overly rounded corners on the examples. Yet the designs are generally cleaner and sharper, and with less creasing than one would normally expect to find in that grade range. We should also add that back damage appears on only a very small percentage of examples. Numerous duplicates appear within these various groupings, but this is easily forgiven as the collector who assembled these cards was a variation collector. In almost all instances these duplicates are actually unique from their similar counterparts, be it either in color, color shade, back ad format, factory number, or their backs' advertised brands. This is a large grouping that holds many treasures for the serious variation collector!

Please note that all listed groupings average GD/VG condition, unless otherwise specified. In listings where only a card count is given for the set, you may assume that all the cards have unique frontal designs (i.e.: "26 cards," without any qualifier following in parentheses, means 26 different fronts).

Early 20th Century Tobacco Issues (382):

T29 Animals - 14 cards (12 different frontal designs and two duplicates, one of which has back damage; VG, on average).

T30 Arctic Scenes - 6 cards.

T59 Flags of All Nations - 45 cards (31 different frontal designs; this group of 45 contains 44 unique front/back combinations and one duplicate).

T62 Fortunes - 16 cards.

T68 Heroes of History - 16 cards (all with blue ink Pan Handle Scrap backs).

T69 Historical Homes - 32 cards (20 different frontal designs; this group of 32 contains 32 unique front/back combinations, some of which are differing factory numbers but most being determined by the shade of a given color on the reverse—more of an intensity difference than an actual color difference).

T77 Lighthouse Series - 26 cards.

T79 Military Series - 13 cards (12 different and one duplicate, three of which have a name pencilled on their backs).

T99 Sights and Scenes of the World - 26 cards (22 different frontal designs and four duplicates; one has faint back printing and another has back damage; VG/EX, on average).

T107 State Seals and National Coats of Arms - 110 cards featuring 69 different frontal designs (VG, on average).

T112 Toast Series - 15 cards (14 different sayings on 10 different frontal designs—two with back damage).

T113 Types of Nations - 37 cards (31 different frontal designs; this group of 37 contains 36 unique front/back combinations and one duplicate; 8 have back damage; VG, on average).

T118 World's Greatest Explorers - 10 cards.

T157 Fables Ser. I - 11 cards, and Ser. II - 5 cards (the 16 cards average VG).

19th Century Tobacco Issues (28 pieces):

A small mix of 28 different N96, N111, N129, N132, N145 and N215 small sepia photo cards of actresses (VG average frontal appearance, but 14 have back damage and three others have been skinned).

Food and Postcard Issues (55 pieces):

F273-21 Early 1950s Kelloggs U. S. Presidents - 11 cards (EX/MT, on average).

F6-2 1942 Dixie Lids America's Fighting Forces - 7 small lids (six of the seven still have their tabs).

F6-3 1943 Dixie Lids America Attacks - 8 small lids (one has tab; otherwise GD, on average).

1940s Dixie Lids Movie Stars - 3 small lids (none have tabs).

1916 Fairy Series - 100 - 10 postcards featuring a little character made of baseballs (9 different and one duplicate; the duplicate grades VG and has been posted, while the other nine designs have a neat horizontal center crease but are otherwise EX in appearance).

1920s Early Exhibit Supply Company Cards - Cartoon types (10 cards), Horoscopes (3 cards ), and Sayings (3 cards)—all 16 cards are VG or better.

R-Cards from the 1960s (130 pieces):

1961 Fleer Pirates Bold - 47 cards (39 different and eight duplicates; EX/MT, on average).

1965 Topps Ugly Stickers - Complete set of all 44 stickers (16 of the last 22 in the set have no backing, but all of the complete stickers are EX/MT).

1967 Topps Nutty Initials - 39 stickers (these are 39 unique variations; one is missing its backing, but the 38 complete examples grade as minimally EX/MT, with many nicer).

1890s-1960s Non-Sports Grab-Bag Collection (595)1890s-1960s Non-Sports Grab-Bag Collection (595)1890s-1960s Non-Sports Grab-Bag Collection (595)
1890s-1960s Non-Sports Grab-Bag Collection (595)
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