September 2014
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This lot is closed for bidding. Bidding ended on: 9/3/2014

Each of these unused Official balls (except as noted) has been signed by a Hall of Fame membe, superstar or other ballplayer. Scriptings have been placed in ballpoint, with the majority on the sweet spot. They generally project "7-9" strength and clarity with a few lesser.  Balls are white to lightly toned examples unless specified. Includes: Hall of Famers: Alomar (2), Cepeda, Feller (2), Fisk (unofficial, bleeding), Ford, Glavine, Kell, Kiner (Sharpie, toned), LaRussa, Lemon, Roberts, Santo, Spahn, Sutter, F. Thomas (toned), Wynn; Stars: Buckner, Callison (toned, light sig.), Jose Canseco, Cavaretta, Juan Gonzalez (2), Grace, Randy Johnson (side panel), P. Martinez (toned), McGwire, Piazza, Sheffield (2), Whitaker (Sharpie, unofficial); Deceased or Difficult: Agee, Fidrych, S. Howe (2), Marshall, McGraw, Nicholson (toned), Selma, Vukovich; Dual-Signed: McGwire/Canseco; Others: Addis (side panel, toning), Bahnsen (toned), Barker Len (unofficial, bleeding), Baumholtz, Bearnearth (unofficial, side panel), Belliard (unofficial), Benzinger, Blefary, Borbon, Bosman (2: both unofficial, one side panel), Bothello, Bragan, Brandon Darrell, Bristol, Broberg, Brock Chris (2), Bumbry, Burrell, Busby S., Cardenal, Castino (unofficial), Christianson, Clark T., Clark, J, Coleman B., Cooke, Cordova, Crisp, Cullen J., Daulton (2), Davis R., DeMaestri, DiJesus, Dittmer, Dykstra, Francona Tito, Fryman, Garces, Garcia Freddy (unofficial), Garland W., George C., Gilkey (toned), Grace Mike, Grba, Grieve B. (unofficial), Grimsley, Hamelin, Hansen Ron, Hargrove, Harmon Chuck, Helms (2), Henneman, Hernandez Adrian (unofficial, bleeding), Hernandez Jose, Hinch (toned), Hisle, Hitchcock, Hollands Dave, Hollandsworth, Horner Bob, Howard Frank, Jackson Al (toning), Jackson G., Jackson Ransom (2), James C., Jethroe, Johnson Charlie, Johnson L. (toned, bleeding), Johnstone (2), Joiner (smudge), Jones Bobby O., Jordan Kevin, Justice, Karl (unofficial), Karros (2), Karsay, Kelly Pat, Kennedy Adam, Kessinger, Kingman, Kittle (Sharpie, side panel), Klippstein (side panel), Kotsay (2: one on side panel), Lefebvre, Litwhiler, Locheman, Lum (smudge), MacKenzie K., Mahaffey, Manning (smudge), Matlack (toning), Matthews Gary, Mayne, Mondesi, Mulholland, Nathan Joe, Nieves, Nokes (side panel, toning), Okajima, Ortiz R., Pafko, Pappas, Pearson A., Perez Eduardo, Peters Gary, Pizaro, Podres, Reed R., Renna, Reynolds S., Reynosa, Rios A (toning), Rivera Roberto, Rizzo Todd, Roberson, Roberts Leon, Roberts Mel, Roberts Mike, Roberts Willis, Robertson Rich, Robidoux, Robinson Don, Robinson Eddie, Roe Preacher, Roomes, Ruffin Bruce, Sabo, Salmon T., Samwell (2), Sandlock, Santiago, Sarafinni, Sauer, Savage B., Sax, Schantz Bobby, Scharboneau (2), Scherman, Schwall, Score (2), Scott Mike, Servais (2), Shaw Jeff (2), Shipley, Shumpert, Simpson Jo, Skok, Slocumb, Smith Dave, Smith Dwight (2), Smith Mark, Smith Pete, Sodowsky, Sofield, Spehr, Spiezo Scott, Springer, Stairs, Stankiewicz, Stark Danny, Stark M., Stein Blake, Stinnett, Stobbs (toning), Stocker, Strange Doug, Strong Jam, Stubing, Sularz, Tarrasco, Tresh, UL Washington (unofficial), Vander Meer (very light), Vogelsong, Wade T., Walton Jerome (2), Ward T., Watson Allen, White G., Wilkins (2), Williams Earl, Williams Eddie, Williams Jeff, Williamson, Wills Frank, Wilson Craig, Wilson T., Witman, Worrell Tim, Wright Rick, Youmans, Young Anth., Young Kipp, Young Pete, Zerbe, Zimmer, Zosky, Zuleta and 21 others. Auction LOA from JSA.
Single Signed Balls Collection (278)Single Signed Balls Collection (278)Single Signed Balls Collection (278)Single Signed Balls Collection (278)
Single Signed Balls Collection (278)Single Signed Balls Collection (278)Single Signed Balls Collection (278)Single Signed Balls Collection (278)
Single Signed Balls Collection (278)
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Price Realized (Includes Buyers Premium): $1,793
Number of Bids: 8
Auction closed on: 9/4/2014